A hosted bulk-email solution for Opt-In mailing lists.

email Marketing with Powerful Built in Database Functions. Add to ANY Web site. Even works without a Web site. Collect data from multiple Web forms. Save the data in the DataTender database, then email any time to your lists. Multiple forms. Multiple lists. No software to install. Easy to set-up and use. Increase your business. Keep your customers coming back.

NEW ... our 123 Promotional Program ... coming soon! Build your opt-in list from Point-of-Purchase, your Web site, meetings, etc.. Send email Coupons, Newsletters, Announcements and Messages to your opt-in list whenever you want. Then use our RSVIP service to track customer satisfaction. Get their names and email addresses, get them back to shop, then find out if they are happy. It's a formula for success! Watch for detail here for this easy to use, powerful, cost-effective program for merchants and businesses of all sizes and shapes.

At Last!
An easy way to collect data from Web forms and Point-of-Purchase and send bulk email!
  • Collect data from multiple Web forms
  • Add users to your email lists automatically
  • Add users to your email lists manually
  • Sort into different named lists
  • Collect user preferences for custom messages
  • Upload/download data records
  • Manage your data from anywhere
  • Edit, add, delete, and report
  • Send bulk emails to any list, any time
  • Manage responses and inquiries
  • Include Coupons (Plus Option)
  • Include Newsletters (Plus Option)
  • Automated user REMOVE & email address change
  • Poweful Bounce Management cleans database
  • and much more.

What it is.

     DataTender is an email marketing service with powerful built in database functions that can be added to ANY Web site, or even used WITHOUT a Web site. DataTender allows you to tend to data from multiple Web forms, uploaded lists, or manually collected lists, all via our database server - not yours. You can send bulk email and run reports with NO need to set up your own database servers or mailing programs. Avoid the security risk associated with managing data tables, public interfaces and bulk emailservers on your network. We provide what you need and you can get started in minutes.
     Details here....

Bulk email

You can send bulk email to opt-in database records that you upload from your lists, input manually, or collect from your Web forms. The email goes out from our mail servers under your name, using your verified email boxes. We provide the tools you need to tender to your information and to get your messages out. We DO NOT allow any kind of pornography, hate mail, obnoxious messages or financial scams or blind email. We do not sell emaillists. Please read our terms of service.
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Stay in touch with clients, employees, members, and anyone and everyone, whether there are 100 or 2 Million, regardless of where they are or where you are. DataTender makes it easy!

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You can be collecting data from your Web forms or uploading exsiting data files in minutes.

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